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1. J. E. Larminie and A. Dicks, Fuel Cell Systems Explained. Chichester, U.K.: bridge converter for fuel cell system,” IEEE Trans. Power Electron., vol. 22, no. 2, pp. . reconstruction: a technical overview”, Signal Processing Magazine, IEEE, vol. .. This paper is a comprehensive review of Microwave Based Measurement .
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Reginald Aubrey Fessenden and the birth of wireless telephony. The building of the Telstar antennas and radomes. Maxwell, Hertz, the Maxwellians, and the early history of electromagnetic waves. The work of Marconi in microwave communications. A report on Japanese development of antennas: from the Yagi-Uda antenna to self-complementary antennas. From Poldhu to the Italian station of Coltano: Marconi and the first years of transcontinental wireless. Radiometry before World War II: measuring infrared and millimeter-wave radiation The early history of radio communications through the photos of the Italian Navy archives Historical Corner.

The Antennas and Propagation Society a chronology. James Clerk Maxwell: his journey to Italy; and the first color photograph. Marconi's Nobel Prize. Karl F. Lindman: the last Hertzian, and a harbinger of electromagnetic chirality. Personal History Available. Whistling in the Dark? Historical corner [introduction to "anita longley's legacy: the longley rice model - still going strong after almost 50 years" ]. Historical Corner. Enrico Fermi in Florence [Historical corner ].

Notes on the history of the yagi-uda antenna [historical corner ]. To Celigny, in the footprints of vilfredo pareto's "optimum" [Historical Corner ]. Periodicity Matters: Grating or lattice resonances in the scattering by sparse arrays of subwavelength strips and wires. Conflation [Historical Corner ]. Remembering Joseph B. Highlights of antenna history. The early history of the binary code.

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The history and future of commercial satellite communications. The history, development, and future of telecommunications in Europe. Voice-band data communication modems-a historical review: Development of telecommunications undertakings in China. Latin American telecommunications networks. A history of engineering education in Brazil. Perspectives on the AIN architecture. The development of telecommunications in China.

A history of transatlantic cables. History of Communications. IEEE The early history of packet switching in the UK History of Communications. The history of orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing History of Communications. Carrier-wave telephony over power lines: Early history History of Communications. The Alohanet - surfing for wireless data History of Communications. Commercialization of packet switching : A Canadian perspective History of Communications.

Vladimir Aleksandrovich Kotelnikov: pioneer of the sampling theorem, cryptography, optimal detection, planetary mapping Armstrong's invention of noise-suppressing FM History of Communications. Improving the noise performance of communication systems: radio and telephony developments of the s History of Communications.

Retrospective - 25 years later History of Communications. Partial-response coding, maximum-likelihood decoding: capitalizing on the analogy between communication and recording History of Communications. An early history of the internet History of Communications. The start of commercial satellite communications History of communications. Two controversies in the early history of the telegraph. Improving the noise performance of communication systems: s to early s History of Communications. Early T-carrier history. Lighting up copper History of Communications.

Scanning Our Past. Monash Museum of Computing History.

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Alan Turing and Bletchley Park. Gordon Bell: Building Blocks of Computing. Katie Hafner: The Origins of the Internet.

John C. Hollar: History of Computing. Implications of Makimoto's Wave. Andrew S.

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My Summer with a Robot. Ian Foster and the Globus Project. Accidents will happen [The Errant Hashtag ]. In Search of the Diabolical Disconnect. Hidden Persuaders. The Dystory of Ahmed's Clock. Go, Stop, Go, Stop. Aware of the Situation. Changing Trust. The Means of Production. The Living Computer Museum. Computer, January and Computer's 50th Anniversary. Computer's First Issues and the First Volunteer.

When the Field was Young. Resurrecting the CDC Supercomputer. A Russian Tragedy. Computer, June and Global Connections. Retrospective on Amdahl's Law in the Multicore Era. The Yau Years: Computer, July and Computer Design Starts Over.

Microbial fuel cells: From fundamentals to applications. A review

Sustaining Moore's law with 3D chips. The Better Mix: Bringing the Benefits Home.

The Therac 30 Years Later. Computer, and Newton's Great Insight. Computer, August and September, and Computer, October and The Disappeared: Beyond Winning and Losing. Higher radix, non-restoring division: History and recent developments. A decade of applications computer graphics. Historical and fundamental developments in control systems. Engineers, psychologists, and administrators: control systems research in wartime, Anti-aircraft fire control and the development of integrated systems at Sperry, A brief history of automatic control.

On the History of Control. Input-output feedback stability and robustness, The evolution of systems analysis and control: a personal perspective. Filtering and stochastic control: a historical perspective. Early developments in nonlinear control. Optimal control to Adaptive control around Andronov and the development of Soviet control engineering. Control engineering in the former USSR. Some ideological aspects of the early years.

A brief history of disk drive control. Feedback control: an invisible thread in the history of technology. Otto Mayr: contributions to the history of feedback control.