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    Alle artikelen van Keith Douglass. Filter 56 resultaten. Keith Douglass Frontale Aanval Tweedehands. Vanaf 6 Toon tweedehands. Keith Douglass Seal Team Seven. The Information Technology Group is responsible for providing Information Technology services to the department. The majority of the LAPD's approximately 10, [2] officers are assigned within the Office of Operations, whose primary office is located in the new Police Administration Building.

    The 21 police stations or "divisions" are grouped geographically into four command areas, each known as a "bureau". The Central Bureau is responsible for downtown Los Angeles and Eastern Los Angeles , [25] and is the most densely populated of the four patrol bureaus. The South Bureau oversees South Los Angeles with the exception of Inglewood [32] and Compton , which are both separate cities that maintain their own law enforcement agencies in Compton's case, a contract with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

    The 77th Street Area 12 serves a portion of South Los Angeles , roughly in an area south of Vernon Avenue, west of the Harbor Freeway , north of Manchester Avenue and points west to the city limits, including the Crenshaw region. The division's address is S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA The division also has a Junior Cadets program separate from the cadet program.

    The Junior Cadets' age range is between 9 and 13; after age 13 they can join the Cadets. The Junior Cadets program is exclusive to the 77th street division. This division often works with the Port of Los Angeles Police. Gibson Blvd. The Valley Bureau is the largest of the four patrol bureaus in terms of size about square miles , [42] and oversees operations within the San Fernando Valley.

    The Mission Area 19 community police station began operations in May This was the first new station to be created in more than a quarter of a century. The Devonshire Area 17 is responsible for the northwestern parts of the San Fernando Valley , including parts of Chatsworth and Northridge. The Topanga 21 community police station began operations in January The West Bureau currently consists of five patrol divisions. The Olympic 20 community police station opened its doors on January 4, , with an open house on January The Olympic Area will be a small section of the Hollywood Division, and is composed of areas from Rampart and Wilshire divisions.

    The Detective Bureau consists of several divisions and sections responsible for investigating a variety of crimes. It holds regular weekly meetings within a purpose-built suite in the new Police Administration Building with the Chief of Police and senior officers. The Counter Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau provides the Los Angeles Police Department specialized tactical resources in support of operations during daily field activities, unusual occurrences and, especially, during serious disturbances and elevated terrorism threat conditions. In addition to this overt enforcement activity, the traffic detective bureau houses a Habitual Traffic Offender Unit also known as an H2O detail , which conducts undercover surveillance of habitual DUI offenders and other criminals with suspended driver's licenses.

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    The Office of Support Services, oversees the department's communications services and matters related to personnel and training, LAPD facilities, vehicles, and fiscal operations. Even though the office has underwent multiple name changes, its primary mission has always stayed the same.

    The following names are used to describe supervision levels within the LAPD: [70]. The senior-most detective is therefore permitted to take charge of an incident when it is necessary for investigative purposes, superseding the chain-of-command of other higher-ranking officers in attendance. Since , there have been 57 appointed chiefs of the Los Angeles Police Department.

    William H.

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    The Los Angeles Police Department has suffered from chronic underfunding and under-staffing in recent years. Bratton made enlarging the department one of his top priorities Bratton has been quoted as saying, "You give me 4, more officers and I'll give you the safest city in the world".

    The Los Angeles Police Department has one officer for every residents.

    Deadly Force (Seal Team Seven #18) by Keith Douglass

    Further points of comparison include Chicago, which has a ratio of one officer per citizens and Philadelphia, whose officer per citizen ratio is 1 to In recent years, the department had been conducting a massive recruiting effort, with a goal of hiring an additional 1, police officers. The LAPD have their own version of the police explorer programs that are present in many police departments called the cadet program. The program was formerly called the explorer program but it was changed to the cadet program after the police commission broke off their partnership with the Boy scouts over their rules policy of barring gays, atheists and agnostics from being troop leaders.

    The newer cadet program shifted focus from the old explorer program which tried to guide members to a career in law enforcement to a program that tries to give cadets a solid foundation in life and to help them prepare for whatever careers they choose by offering things like tutoring and college scholarships to different cadets in need of assistance.

    Hiring quotas began to change this during the s, but it was not until the Christopher Commission reforms that substantial numbers of black, Hispanic, and Asian officers began to be hired on to the force. Minority officers can be found in both rank-and-file and leadership positions in virtually all divisions, and the LAPD is starting to reflect the general population.

    Seal Team Seven #18: Deadly Force

    Through the s, their duties generally consisted as working as matrons in the jail system, or dealing with troubled youths working in detective assignments. A lawsuit by a policewoman, Fanchon Blake, from the s instituted court ordered mandates that the department begin actively hiring and promoting women police officers in its ranks. During the Watts riots , only 5 of the police assigned to South Central Los Angeles were black, despite the fact that it was the largest black community in Los Angeles.

    Los Angeles' first black mayor Tom Bradley was an ex-police officer and quit the department after being unable to advance past the rank of lieutenant like other black police officers in the department. Broome would break down racial barriers on the force going on to become first black officer to obtain the rank of commander and the first black to command a police station, the Southwest Division which included historically black neighborhoods of South Central Los Angeles in As of , the Los Angeles Police Department had 10, officers sworn in.

    The LAPD has grown over the years in the number of officers who speak languages in addition to English. There were bilingual or multilingual officers in , and 1, in , and 2, in that spoke at least one of 32 languages. LAPD patrol officers have a three-day hour and four-day hour work week schedule. The department has over types of job assignments, and each officer is eligible for such assignments after two years on patrol. LAPD patrol officers almost always work with a partner, unlike most suburban departments surrounding the city of Los Angeles, which deploy officers in one-officer units in order to maximize police presence and to allow a smaller number of officers to patrol a larger area.

    Those bonuses ended in In after negotiations between the city and the police officers union reached an agreement on police officer pay that would give pay increases to nearly 1, officers who joined the department since the salaries for incoming officers were cut. Main airship missions are flown out of downtown's Piper Tech center at the Hooper Heliport , located outside of Union Station. It was a. LAPD Model 15s were often modified by an armorer to fire double-action only, meaning officers could not cock the hammer. This was to prevent accidental discharges caused by the short, light single-action trigger pull that some officers used.

    Many officers and detectives also carried the Model 36 "Chief's Special" as a backup revolver, and often off-duty. In the patrol cars, locked to a steel bar, was an Ithaca 37 , gauge shotgun, loaded with "00" double-aught buckshot, nine pellets to the cartridge with one round in the chamber and four in the magazine tube. The shotgun was based on the Ithaca 37 "Deerslayer", which was a weapon designed to hunt large game with rifled slugs.

    As a consequence of being designed for use with slugs, it had rifle sights, unlike most shotguns. The "L. Special" had a dull parkerized military finish instead of the more usual high gloss blue finish. The barrel was 18 and a half inches long, as opposed to the twenty inches of the civilian version. The advantages of the Ithaca Model 37 Shotgun over the Winchester, Mossberg and Remington models were that the Ithaca weighed a pound less, and could be used with equal ease by right or left-handed shooters due to the unique bottom ejection port and loading chamber it used.

    In response to increasing firepower carried by criminals, including fully automatic weapons and assault rifles, LAPD patrol officers were issued the Beretta 92 F.

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    Beretta : []. Glock : []. Colt []. In they began using the M4A1s. The LAPD recently [ when? The LAPD also has 37mm launchers and modified "beanbag" firing Remington s for crowd control when less than lethal force is needed. The department presents a number of medals to its members for meritorious service. The Medal of Valor is an award for bravery, usually awarded to officers for individual acts of extraordinary bravery or heroism performed in the line of duty at extreme and life-threatening personal risk.

    The Liberty Award is a bravery medal for police canines killed or seriously injured in the line of duty.